Stop Paying Third Party Fees for your Short Term Rental

At P.A.Media, we build you a direct booking website so you and your renters save money and the hassles with 3rd party sites

Short term rental website

You're losing money on each booking through third party sites

Do you feel like there has to be a better way?  We love the extra marketing we get from third party booking engines, but what if you could direct more people to your own personal booking site, save money AND keep them coming back for more stays?!  

We Know How Frustrating Running an STR Can Be

I got into the STR game in 2021, managing 4 properties across 2 different booking sites AND taking manual bookings from people who asked me offline.  IT. WAS. A. NIGHTMARE.  Enter OwnerRez and our own custom website and bookings are coming in left and right - AND it's all manageable and saving us money!

Check out our latest project >
The Chalets of Raystown needed a way to book people online and their bookings went up 20% already!  This is their Wordpress site with OwnerRez integration.

The STR Direct Booking Website Will Escalate Your Business

The STR Direct Booking website program will get you up and running online so that you can promote your own website and start saving fees from those pesky third parties.  Projects can include the logo, branding & messaging you need along with a website and email automation to entice people to your home and bring them back for more stays.  It's all about the touch points along with the experience you provide.  Don't let it up to 3rd parties anymore.  It's time to take your business to the next level!

Convert leads into bookings constantly
Make more money through a direct site
Save time trying to figure it out on your own
Relax knowing your website is working for you 24/7

We work exclusively with OwnerRez

Have you spent too much time and money on PM software solutions that don't work?  Look no further than OwnerRez! Once I implemented this into my own business I saved so much time and stress it was unreal.  Managing properties is a breeze now and I won't go anywhere else. 

Experience the difference of “Elite.” OwnerRez is internationally recognized as a leader in the vacation rental industry for channel management, CRM, PM, accounting, messaging, and websites. Integrate with all major vacation rental channels to seamlessly sync availability, rates, rules, and listing content. Get your own modern fast website, process payments directly, manage inquiries, communication, and guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements.

Getting Your Direct Booking Website Built is Easy

Step 1: Fit

Book a Call here.  We'll make sure we are a good fit and schedule our discovery call to get your plan made for your direct booking site.

Step 2: Discovery

We gather all the information we need to get down to business including our plan of action.

Step 3: Build

We build out the plan and you start taking bookings on your own website, save the fees and put your STR marketing on auto-pilot.

She made me a website that works seamlessly with OwnerRez and my  bookings skyrocketed!

I reached out to Pam at P.A. Media Marketing for help managing and marketing my short term rental properties.  After we landing on OwnerRez and she finalized my website - things started running seamlessly and we got more bookings than ever, especially through our website - which saved me channel fees. 

-Mike F.

What They Say

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Our Packages

All packages start with $499 paid discovery.  The cost applies to your full package.
OwnerRez plugin cost not included. Depending on your package an annual charge may apply.

I am Committed To Make Your Website Work

My name is Pam and I'll personally be taking you through this journey. I've seen too many times - missed opportunities for property owners to showcase their STRs and save money!  It is now my mission to create direct booking websites for owners like you who are sick and tired of leaning on 3rd parties for your business.  Just think of it this way - you’ve spent so much time building the STR business of your dreams....why give other people money for your hard work?  Let me help you get there. 

Here’s how to get your Direct Booking Website going:

  1. Book a Call
  2. We create your personalized plan for your direct booking site
  3. We build out the plan and you start getting bookings on your own website and put your STR marketing on autopilot
Pam Bogaczyk

Do I need a property management system?

Yes!  I will build you a beautiful website to take bookings online but it will need to talk to your system.  I recommend OwnerRez from experience.  They give you plugin (small OR fee) for your WordPress site.  The information you already have in OwnerRez will display on your new site!


What if I don't have a property management system?

I can point you in the right direction and help get you started!  Head over to OwnerRez and sign up for a free trial!


What type of website will you build me?

I build all of my websites in Wordpress using a plugin called Thrive Themes and OwnerRez's booking widgets.


How long will this take?

After your mapping is complete, we will schedule one week to implement the plan.  The faster we get it done, the faster you can start taking bookings online!


How much will the final project cost?

Your total cost will depend on the amount of work we do.  Projects including logo, website and automation for instance will cost more than a website alone.  Projects start at $499 for the discovery session.  I can't build anything until I know what yo need!


What other STR services do you offer?

Glad you asked!  Our other STR services can be found here.  Everything starts with a discovery session, so get that booked as soon as possible!