Your Website Should Make You Money

At P.A.Media, we create a StoryBrand powered website that makes you money

You're wasting money on websites that look pretty, but don't convert

Do you have a way to convert your website leads into customers? Are the words on your website clear and concise? If you don't have these things in place you might as well take a picture of your website and hang it on the wall.  Ahhhh, so pretty......! A lack of strategy on your website is losing you money. 

No More Money Wasted!

Your MoneySite will be designed to make you more money online.  Completely powered by StoryBrand - we will give you the messaging you need to get the word out right, bring customers to your site and finally convert them.  You can even hire us to do it all for you if you want.  The key is in the words.  If we don't get them right, then it's just a waste. 

Convert leads into customers
Make more money in your business
Save time trying to figure out how to build this on your own
Relax knowing your website is working for you 24/7

We Know What it Feels Like to Have a Website that Doesn't Work

We’ve had dozens of iterations with our own website.  It was so frustrating when we saw people go to it, but do nothing. It wasn’t until we implemented StoryBrand and our MoneySite tactics in place - that we saw more people convert.  We’ve tested this proven method over and over on other client sites with the same result.  They all began getting more leads and were able to turn them into paying customers. 

Other Companies Agree that MoneySites Work

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What They Say

She made numerous improvements that I'm certain will result in additional sales

I reached out to Pam out P.A. Media Marketing for help and within a short period of time she completely rebuilt and republished my website. She not only just replicated my old website but she made numerous improvements that I’m certain will result in additional sales. If you’re looking for a highly responsive, highly skilled business to help you with website design and solutions you can’t go wrong with P.A. Media Marketing.

-Lenny D.

Pam is very knowledgable and responsive to ideas and getting a web site up and running. She is excellent to work with and will really help you focus on business growth.

michael groves

Pam was very helpful! She quickly took care of several problems with my website. Her responses were prompt and her communication was excellent. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for website work.

dyee? Camp hill

Getting Your MoneySite Started is Easy

Step 1:

Book a call with us here. We'll make sure we are a good fit and schedule your MoneySite Mapping session

Step 2:

We get on a call for your MoneySite Mapping session.  This helps me understand your business. 

Step 3:

We will deliver your MoneySite Map that you can put in place on your own or hire us to implement.

I am Committed To Make Your MoneySite Work

Who am I?  My name is Pam and I'll personally be taking you through this journey.  I've seen too many times - websites that were beautifully designed, but were missing the key elements to get people through the door and turn into paying customers.  It is now my mission to turn every site I see into a ‘MoneySite’!  Just think of it this way - you’ve spent so much time creating and working on the business of your dreams....Why let this part of it go to waste?  You’ve worked too hard to not put these things in place to help move you forward, make more money in your business and live out the life that you always wanted - whether in the mountains or on a beach somewhere with your family.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Let us help you get there. 

Here’s how to get your MoneySite. 1 - Book a call with us here 2 -  We’ll get on a video call to understand your business  3 - We deliver your MoneySiteMap.  You can then put our recommendations in place or hire us to implement. 

Get your MoneySite going today.  If you are still unsure if we can help, booking a call is the best way to find out!

Pam Bogaczyk

MoneySite Map Includes




  • 1.5 hour video call to discuss your business
  • Get the messaging you need to sell online (this is the StoryBrand 1-liner and brandscript)
  • One website page wireframe using your new brandscript
  • Get a map of what to implement to begin making money on your website
  • Get additional marketing ideas for your business
  • Implement right away or hire us to do it for you