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You're a Busy Entrepreneur
I'll save you time and market your business

Have 3 months of LinkedIn posts automatically added to your profile with just one hour of your time.

We'll create content on your behalf, so you can keep working on your business while generating leads.

I am an entrepreneur myself, and I found it difficult to continue to market my business, while I was working on other client work AND trying to make sales. This system has been my saving grace.

VIP Day Highlights

1 Hour Interview

In a one hour interview, we'll cover what I need to create content for your LinkedIn profile. 

Over 30 posts

We will create 24 custom posts for you AND throw in some extra shared content posts from your favorite and trusted blogs, to keep your profile consistently in front of your network. 

Optimized Profile

It's important your profile is optimized for searches.  We'll help you out here too!

An Ongoing System

You'll have a system filled of over 30 posts that will continue to run after the 3 months.  Let it keep going or generate additional content, it's up to you!
*additional fees apply after 3 months

A Proven System With Results


Increased total views


Increased # of posts


Connections Added

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You'll receive an email with some homework items in it.  Nothing intense, just some things to think about for your special day.

What our customers are saying:

This product has paid back many times over

The results have exceeded my wildest expectations and this product has paid back many times over. I had no idea about the mechanics behind a social presence (I still might not) but I'm confident that I don't have to take the time to learn it. Now, I can concentrate on my highest and best use. Thanks Pam!

MICHAEL LAVOIE  //  Principal and Owner, MPL Consulting Services, LLC

What you will miss if you don't buy now

Is social media posting something that sounds crazy time consuming to you?  Does it always get put on the back burner?  It did the same for me.  I perform this same cycle every 3-months for myself and the return has been tremendous by way of LinkedIn messages and connections.

Can you put a day aside every 3 months to work on social media?  Absolutely!  But will you?

PAM BOGACZYK //  Your LinkedIn Host

Hi, I'm Pam, and I'll be your host for your special VIP day! Thank you for giving me a chance to help make your business profitable by giving you a great presence on LinkedIn!

I have found that if you have great content and post consistently, you will see fantastic results.  

I cannot wait to learn more about you and your business!

Pam Bogaczyk

The Interview

The interview is an easy process.  We hop on a Zoom call and talk about you and your business.  It is YOUR VIP DAY after all!  I will record the session to refer to while making your content and may use clips of video if that is okay by you. 

We chat about you and your business I have a list of questions prepared to get the information I need to create your custom 24 posts.

You sit back and relax. After the interview, I'll take all the information and go to work.  I will generate a plan of content for you and send it for your approval.  Once approved, I'll optimize your profile and generate/schedule your 3 months of content. 

How it works

Here's how the whole process works


your vip day

After you purchase your VIP Day, we'll send you an email of things to think about for your special day and prepare you for the spotlight. Then we'll meet online on your day!


content creation

After our interview, we'll create a list of planned content and send for your approval.  Once approved we'll work to fine-tune the copy and graphics, and get everything set up for your automation. 


3 month follow-up

After three months we'll do a quick follow-up call to see how your content performed and discuss next steps. 

Let's Get Started

Your linkedin vip day awaits


Recorded Interview

An Optimized LinkedIn Profile
Custom post template
3 Months of Custom Content


The Best Time to Start Getting Noticed is Now!

Start getting noticed on LinkedIn now and bring leads and networking opportunities to your business IN ONE HOUR!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see results at the end of 3 months, just let us know and we'll make it right.

Pam Bogaczyk

Amazing Results with your LinkedIn VIP Day

Out of your 1 hour interview, we will create text posts, image posts, and even some video posts from the recorded session.  

Then we'll automate all of it. 

After 3 months, you'll have more authority in your space, more views, more connections, and more clients ready to work with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you record the interview?

Can you send me the interview afterwards?

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