About P.A.Media

About P.A.Media

P.A.Media started as a digital marketing agency in 2007, as a side-hustle for Pam, in her spare time.  Over the years, it has grown into a full-time gig, and we couldn't be more thrilled!  

We love helping business owners

Some businesses don't have the time to think about marketing & we saw this as an opportunity to partner, and help where we can.  We love getting to know our clients and understanding their product or service.  This is the best part about marketing.  We get to highlight their business & they get to do what they love.  It is such a fantastic feeling to help someone that is so passionate about what they do.  That's why P.A.Media was started in the first place - to help others where we can!

We can't wait for you to become part of the P.A.Media family.  Together, we will build great things!

About the Team Behind P.A.Media

Pam Bogaczyk

Pam Bogaczyk

Owner & Digital Marketer

Pam is a digital marketer who loves technology and helping businesses with marketing.  In her off-tech time, you'll find her on a tractor mowing lawn, or working on a construction project!

The team

Consulting Partners

Crazy-skilled people who love what they do

When needed, we contract to others with the expertise to get the job done.  We have a group of highly skilled people we trust to execute on your project.  We got this!